<hero description="The official wiki for the Pancakz Server; edited by you!" imagename="" cropposition=""></hero>Welcome to the official wiki for the Pancakz Server; edited by you. Here you can find any information you might need in relation to our servers, including major player and public builds. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, so information may be lacking, or even non-existent.

Pancakz is owned by DalekShip (Liam) and Clebimebi (Claire). Feel free to give us a shout on the server; we're fairly active, and always happy to help.

Before you edit on the wiki, please read the following:

Users who do not comply will be banned, so read carefully.

This wiki IS:

  • A collection of information about our servers, players, and builds
  • A place to learn more about our community

This wiki IS NOT:

  • The official Minecraft wiki
  • Associated with Mojang in any way
  • Our official website (that's here)
  • A place to report issues or discuss things (see the forums instead)

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Please tag articles where appropriate, and make sure that every article, when possible, links to another.

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